About the Treks

A week at Lenhok'sin High Adventure begins on Sunday afternoon, with an optional Monday morning arrival accommodation for LDS units. Crews spend the first day making final preparations to go on the trail before embarking on Monday to spend 5 days and 4 nights on one of three different treks: Lenhok'sin Trail (our main program), James River, and Trail & River Combo.

Lenhok'sin Trail James River

Each trek is a fun and strenuous adventure that will challenge your crew. Looking for even more of a challenge? Take a glance at the awards we offer.


We provide the food for both treks.


The Lenhok'sin Trail includes up to four evenings taking on adventure, exploring history, and experiencing the wilderness at our outposts.


Crews return to base camp on Friday where we have our closing celebrations, including the presentation of the coveted Lenhok'sin High Adventure patch and any awards that have been earned. Crews depart early on Saturday.

Lenhok'sin Trail

As our main attraction and primary program, this trek focuses on backpacking through the 4,000+ acres of Goshen Scout Reservation and 35,000 acres of surrounding state game lands.

Crews will spend five days and four nights on the trail and will have an opportunity to visit up to four of our staffed outposts or other exciting activities.

Crews fill out a survey prior to arriving at camp. We design Crew itineraries based on the interest in certain outposts and award opportunities as indicated by the Crew. Itineraries can fit a wide range of Crew abilities, from experienced backpackers to those who have only been a few times before.

Awards Food Outposts

Crew Size 4 - 12 people
Minimum Age 13 years old by Sept 1, 2017
Experience Level Participants should have been backpacking before.
Training Requirements All Adults must have:
  • Youth Protection Training
One or more crew members must have:
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR
  • Weather Hazards Training
  • Safe Swim Defense

James River

Canoe the James River for 4 nights and 5 days and take in one of Virginia's most scenic rivers. Paddle 61 miles of the historic upper James River in Virginia from the headwaters at Iron Gate to the Snowden Dam. Experience over 100 class I rapids, and 20 challenging class II rapids, and the infamous Balcony Falls rapid. Bring your fishing pole and try your hand at fishing along the way. Camp nightly at wilderness river side locations along the way. Add an optional river clean up project and this trek meets the 50 Miler award requirements.

All medical checks and swim tests will be conducted at Base Camp. We will outfit you with food and see to it that you are ready to hit the river on Monday.

This trip is self-guided.

Awards Food

Crew Size Minimum 8 people
Minimum Age 13 years old by Sept 1, 2017
Experience Level Participants should have basic skills and familiarity with moving water and whitewater paddling. Prior canoeing experience is a must.
Training Requirements All Adults must have:
  • Youth Protection Training
One or more crew members must have:
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR
  • Weather Hazards Training
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Aquatics Supervision: Paddle Craft Safety


Lenhok'sin High Adventure

Awarded to those who complete a trek at Lenhok'sin High Adventure. Neither sold nor given to anyone who hasn't earned it.


To recognize those crews choosing to make the most of their week on the trail by showing extra effort.


An award for those crews that really want to get out there and away from everything.

Big Butt

Big Butt is our toughest climb, not for the weak of heart. We're not kidding. That really is the mountain's name.

Moore 5 Peaks

Named after Sam Moore, in honor of his years of maintenance of the trails. To be worthy of this award, crews must climb all five peaks: Viewing Rock, Jump Rock, The Knob, Forge Rock, and Big Butt.

50 Miler

An official BSA award earned by those who display personal fitness, self-reliance, knowledge of wood lore, and a practical understanding of conservation.

Duty to God

The Goshen Scout Reservation religious award.


For both treks, we provide backpacking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your crew on the trail. During the introductory stations on Monday, River Trek crews will pick up their meals for the whole week. Trail Trek crews will pick up their meals for the first half of the week. The rest will be available with resupply on Wednesday at your Wednesday outpost or other specified location.

While in base camp, meals are served in our outdoor dining hall. We provide you with Sunday dinner upon your arrival, Monday breakfast before you hit the trail or the river, and Friday dinner upon your return. We also have a continental breakfast on Saturday, if you want to grab something before you get on the road.

If you have any questions about the menu or have concerns about special dietary concerns, please send us an email at [email protected].

Outposts & Activities


Spend hours underground exploring a "very cool" setting.

COPE High Elements

Challenge yourself on the high elements of Goshen Scout Reservation's COPE Course.


Venture into early 1900s Appalachia and make knives, S-hooks, and other creations at the forge.

Mountain Man

Trade and shoot with fur trappers from the early 1800s as they blaze their way westward and manifest their destiny.

Mountain Sports

Whether you're new or experienced, you'll have fun mountain biking the trails and going downhill on mountain boards.

Paddle Sports

Paddle around the 450 acre Lake Merriweather in kayaks or on Stand-Up Paddleboards.


Discover the wilderness with your Crew on your way to great views and wild experiences. We highly recommend doing a primitive night out in the beautiful and rugged Goshen backcountry, especially if you are hoping to reach our more challenging peaks, like Big Butt.

Robin Hood

Step into legend with forest outlaws from medieval times. Shoot archery, take on challenges, and see what it takes to win the day.

Rock Climbing

Enjoy the views and spend your afternoon on our natural rock faces. All experience levels are welcome.